A trustful basis is the foundation for our cooperation. Therefore, you can get a first impression about my person right here. I grew up in the countryside 70 kilometers north-west of Berlin. As a child I was often in my own world between forests and meadows, building huts, painting flowers and collecting grasses, always accompanied by my dog or cat. All in all, I grew up well protected, but there were also influences that hindered my ideal personal development during childhood and adolescence. Today I think these hurdles are part of the growth of every human being and shape our uniqueness. I have always been curious about the shadows, about what we actually don't like about ourselves, about what bothers us in other people. Becoming aware of all this and integrating it into my own self-image makes it easier for me to deal with others. Since my youth, I have been preoccupied with questions like these: What is it about opposites? Love and hate. Closeness and distance. Success and failure. What does it mean to be good or successful in our society? What is it about belief systems? Is behavior changeable? - If so, how? And how does nature affect our psyche?

After graduating from high school, I studied landscape architecture. I wanted to learn from nature and be creative in creating outdoor spaces to make people feel comfortable. To leave my comfort zone, to study and work I was drawn to big cities - Kassel, Berlin, Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Berlin again. I often felt life in cities as equally exhausting and extremely exciting; the cultural realities, the endless encounters, inexhaustible activities. Simultaneously a curse and a blessing. Mindfulness practices support me to face this abundance and shape my inner attitude. As a landscape architect, I was already concerned with observing the behavior of the individuals and incorporating this into my work. Which design elements, for example, have a calming, peaceful or frightening effect on the psyche? How do human thoughts and actions shape landscapes? What culture is generated in response? How do different systems affect each other, individuals affect their environments, and vice versa. How do humans relate to nature in our society? Human beings moved more and more into the center of my thinking. During my studies in psychology I found scientific answers to some questions, but by no means to all of them. One thing is certain, development, whether in landscape or personality, needs courage, time and care. While still living in Berlin, I have been drawn to the countryside every chance I get. So often I have found strength and confidence being outside of the city to cope with my quite demanding everyday life. And I realized once again how valuable nature is to me. My treasure!


The longing grew to return to live in the countryside and to integrate my personal experience into my way of working. I also wanted to make it accessible to others. As a psychologist, it is my concern to create space for your personal challenges and to provide you with individual professional guidance in your life journey. If we manage to shape your everyday life and professional life according to your goals in our collaboration, I am satisfied.



Anne Siegmann


Psychologist (M.Sc., Berlin School of Psychology)
Permission for psychotherapy according to the Heilpraktikergesetz (Health Office Berlin Schöneberg)
Systemic Coach (Diploma, IFM, Berlin)
Mediator (Diploma, IFM, Berlin)
Dipl.-Ing. in Landscape Planning (University of Kassel)

Professional experience

Psychologist, consultant and coach in own practice (Klosterhof)
Conception, implementation and management of lectures and workshops on health management (MoveUp, Berlin)
Psychologist, coaching and consulting (ICL GmbH, Berlin)
Collaboration in the research cluster Mind and Brain (FU Berlin)
Editorial assistant, political department (SPIEGEL ONLINE, Berlin)
Dipl.-Ing. in landscape planning (Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Berlin)

Membership in professional associations

Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP)
German Association for Coaching and Training (dvct) e.V.