Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Is anxiety breathing down your neck or are you treading water in your life? Do relationships, past experiences or fears prevent you from coping with your everyday life? Do you lack lightness and a good self-esteem? Would you like professional psychological support to feel better or see more clearly?


Online psychological counseling or coaching takes place by phone or video. You save travel and waiting time and are completely independent of location and time flexibility. Online counseling can support you in overcoming your current difficulties and in living your everyday life more consciously and contentedly.


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Arrange a free initial consultation (15 min) right here by mail




  • Getting rid of fears and insecurities 

  • To be self-confident

  • Deal with stress 

  • Strengthen resistance

  • reorient professionally or/privately

  • Reflecting on behavior/handling social media

  • promote social-communicative training

  • change dysfunctional patterns of experience and action

  • Revise thinking and role patterns

  • Clarify own value system

  • Overcome writer's block

  • learn sleep routines

  • sensitize for bio-psycho-social health

  • Reorientation professionally or/privately (search for meaning)

  • Self-reflection (as well as reflection of one's environment)

  • Weariness with social media (digital detox)


You contact me by mail and we make an appointment for a free initial video-consultation (15min). In the initial meeting we clarify your concerns and discuss the further procedure, as well as the general conditions. Payment is made before the respective session by bank transfer or paypal. I will send you a video-link for our psychological session by email.


Multi-method approach

I combine methods of talk therapy and systemic and psychodynamic coaching according to individual needs.



  • 60 min / 90 EUR


How effective is online counseling?


According to scientific studies, psychological counseling via video or telephone is just as effective as conventional therapy.

You can read about it here in the German medical journal.


You can find more studies here

Google scholar on the effectiveness of online psychotherapy

American Online Therapy Institute