What is coaching? Coaching is solution-oriented and offers you support during processes of personal or work-related changes. Would you like to gain clarity regarding a specific matter or person and become capable of acting?


We will analyze your current situation together and then work out goals for the desired should-be situation. I will support you in defining concrete steps of action, strategies and measures for the implementation. Thus, the successful realization of new insights becomes observable and measurable.


The coaching process promotes your ability to reflect, expands your scope of action, as well as your choices in both thinking and feeling. The goal is to be able to go your individual way in a strengthened and courageous manner, to be able to stand up for your own interests. Your gained inner clarity and balance influences the circumstances on the outside and stimulates new ideas. Here, in the process of working together, you will discover what is essential for you and take responsibility for courageously making it happen, step by step.




Reasons for life coaching (incomplete list):

  • Being mindful in daily life
  • Communicating with others (social interaction)
  • Reorienting oneself professionally or privately
  • Decision making
  • Understanding doubts, brooding, evaluating better
  • Recharge after periods of exhaustion
  • Balancing child and career
  • Managing personal and work crises
  • Taking an inventory of own life


Reasons for business coaching (incomplete list):

  • Manage stress (resilience)
  • Counteract burnout and boreout
  • Preparing the unpleasant (e.g. practicing presentations, negotiating salary)
  • Decision making (e.g. self-employment, resignation)
  • Clarifying leadership issues
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Implement work-life integration
  • Regulating emotions
  • Practicing communication
  • Organizing oneself (time, clients, appointments)

Methodical procedure / focus

I am guided by the systems theory approach and combine it with psychological knowledge. Contents, methods and training scope are adapted to your personal goals, aspirations and objectives.



During a preparatory telephone conversation, we clarify personal questions and, if you wish, arrange an appointment for the first coaching session. The number of your coaching sessions depends on your objective.



All sessions in my practice are subject to confidentiality. Discretion is guaranteed.



First coaching session: 45 minutes/55 EUR

Follow-up sessions: always 90 minutes

100 EUR (private invoice students & unemployed)

140 EUR (private invoice)

190 EUR (company invoice)