When is a short-term therapy or psychological counseling helpful? This form of psychological therapy is suitable if you are looking for professional help because of a personal difficulty or if you are in a suffering life phase. The duration of the psychological treatment varies. In some situations a one-time psychological counseling is sufficient in others a short-term therapeutic treatment seems more effective to strengthen one's own well-being.


At times, certain experiences and circumstances can be so troublesome that behavior, thoughts and actions are determined by them. It is advisable to deal with the personal problem or distressing events in a resource-oriented manner in order to counteract any worsening of the situation. The aim of contemporary therapeutic methods is to make everyday life easier and more joyful again, to sharpen self-perception and the perception of others. It is worthwhile to trace the causes of personal problems and behavior patterns and to process them, if past events have a negative effect on the present being.


The focus is on a trusting working relationship between you and me, as well as the comprehensibility of the therapeutic procedure. Essential for the success of the therapy is your desire and willingness to change.



My clients' reasons for a short-term therapy:

  • Exhaustion (depression, burnout)

  • Anxiety and panic

  • Loneliness & Longing for connectedness

  • Domestic violence, humiliation

  • Mobbing at the workplace

  • psychosomatic complaints (e.g. pain)

  • Self-worth and self-love, enhancing well-being

  • Understanding and interpreting emotional states (e.g. anger, jealousy, envy, powerlessness, fear of loss)

  • Recurring conflicts with relationship partners

  • Rumination (thought carousel)

  • Mourning processes

  • preparing for/processing separations

  • curing past experiences

  • Complaints during menopause


Methodical procedure

In my practice I offer psychotherapy according to the Heilpraktikergesetz. I am guided by both practical and scientifically based methods of psychotherapy.


I work with a multimethod approach in my practice. Preferred methodological approaches are conversational therapy and psychophysical relaxation techniques, as well as neobehavioral and nature therapy based interventions, for multiple stimulation and activation of personal senses. I combine them according to individual needs.


During a pre-session by video, we clarify personal questions and, if desired, make an appointment for the first session.



All sessions in my practice are subject to confidentiality. Discretion is guaranteed.


Time scope

  • Short-term therapy: 6-12 sessions à 60 minutes/90 EUR


The interval between sessions is 1-3 weeks, depending on your individual needs.


Please note that the costs are not covered by the public health insurance.Privately insured persons or persons with private supplementary insurance can claim the costs.