In the midst of forests, meadows and fields my practice is located in an old manor house. Here is enough space and silence to dedicate myself personally to your concern. A cautious, sincere and solution-oriented reflection on your cause of being here becomes possible. I work with an integrative approach, multi-methodically (e.g. systemic, behavioral and natural therapy), tailored to your needs, in order to foster healing and development processes. The focus is always on the trusting connection between you and me.


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Anne Siegmann


Psychological online-counseling

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Is anxiety breathing down your neck or are you treading water in your life? Do relationships, past experiences or fears prevent you from coping with your everyday life? Do you lack lightness and a good self-esteem? Would you like professional psychological support to feel better or see more clearly?


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Psychotherapy (HeilprG) & Psychological Counseling

When is psychotherapy or psychological counseling useful? This form of psychotherapeutic work is useful if you are seeking help because of a personal problem or if you are in a painful phase of life. The duration of a psychological treatment varies from person to person. In some situations a one-time psychological counseling is sufficient, in others a short-term therapeutic treatment seems to be more effective to strengthen your own well-being.


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Systemic Coaching

What is coaching? Coaching accompanies you in a solution-oriented manner during processes of change either in a professional or private context. You wish to gain clarity regarding a specific matter or person and want to be able to take action?


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